Entering/Displaying Confirmation Code and First Finder Code

Cache Types
Posted By: Team Bavaria
I think the method for the owner to enter CC and FF should be changed:
1. There is absolute no need to hide (by asterisk, dots) the code during entering!
2. Than there would be no need to confirm (because you can see and read) the code by entering it twice.
3. Anyway it should be visible on the page to the owner all the time. It is more logical and he also might have not noted or lost the original source. There are always occasion for the owner to need to get the code by himself.

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  • ag08  Durango 5/30/2014 
    Cool, I will record this suggestion and see what we can do about it in the future. Maybe we could have more of a "reveal" option moving forward for the owner. I think that we could attempt to make this process more streamlined in the future. 

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