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Posted By: Yukon Jack

That's right, I propose a new category of TerraCaches called Outdoor Adventure Caches. This would be a split- off from Traditional.  To be rated Outdoor Adventure it would require a minimal physical involvement, (maybe xx.x miles or x.x elevation gain). No Drive-By's in this group.  Before people say "Well I don't live in the mountains", I grew up in South Florida where the Everglades or the Big Cyprus is every bit as challenging as the Rocky Mountains and much more difficult to traverse.

In this category the physical challenge index would be extremely helpful to cache finders.  Ten miles on a trail with 2000 feet elevation gain would be a " walk in park" compared to three miles and 500 foot elevation gain on loose talus or maybe impenetrable chaparral. 

I would also suggest a separate leader board for this category. As anyone living in the Northwest or the Monday Maniacs of San Diego will tell you "This is not the same game as going on a ten terracache  one day road trip".

I believe there is room in TerraCaching for everyone.  I've also found my share of Drive By's and I'll continue to do so,  but I can't remember very many of them. However, caches like Bighorn in Arizona, or Mt Adams volcano in the Cascades are ones that I will never forget. 

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  • Terradactyl  Spokane 7/27/2014 
    I'm all over the idea of Outdoor Adventure Caches.  I feel honored that Yukon Jack who's found more caches than anyone else in the game remembers my Mt Adams cache.  

    That said, almost every cache I do fits this category and I can remember them all.  A lot of them are done as two day caches - one day would kill me.  

    The toughest cache I've ever done without a doubt is one Called Alaska Peak (true).  I bled for weeks after that one and still have scars - now that's an adventure.  Another toughie that comes to mind is my very own Sawtooth.  There is absolutely no easy way to get her done in spite of what I read in backpacker magazine!  

    Bring it on!
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  • scottO  Montana City 7/28/2014 
    You know, back in the beginning of Terracaching, ALL caches seemed to fit this proposed category! Now, there IS room for various types. Let's say we took a step back, and redefined the cache types. I mean, what IS a "traditional" Terracache anyway? 

    This is a very interesting idea. If we look at the types, what other categories would people in the community recommend?
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  • Z_Statman  Cocoa 8/21/2014 
    Great ideas from both YJ & scottO, even to us "flatlanders." Yes, we have areas where a 2 mile "hike" can be pure hell in terms of terrain in the Southeast or even the Northeast. 
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  • Terradactyl  Spokane 8/23/2014 
    I've been giving this some thought and would like to see separate leaderboards for each category whether or not "adventure caches" becomes yet another category.  Currently there are three categories - traditional, locationless, and cyber (I know not what this one entails).  It appears that when I do a leaderboard search with traditional selected the results show a combination of all three types of points.  

    In conjunction I would like to see state leaderboards reflecting caches found only in that state not total points for caches found in all states with but one or two found in, let's say, Washington.  I'll never (at least till I become old and retired) be able to compete with the likes of Yukon Jack, Ajoite, et al at a national level but I think I might be able to hold my own in about three states in traditional caches found.    
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