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Posted By: dexter

    A while back after doing a friend's cache that I really enjoyed, I wrote out a narrative description of the cache.  It had everything I look for in a cache.  Later I turned the narrative into a checklist and then used the checklist as a way to document in a standardized format the Cache Qualities present in cache.  I bet if you think about it, you have a similar mental list.  By listing those qualities on your cache page you are telling people about the cache and what you like to hunt for and giving a concrete example of what you think makes a "quality cache".  You never know, but you might inspire others to do unto you, what you have done unto them...

    Here's an example of the Checklist:



Manomet Hill.png

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  • Terradactyl  Spokane 5/30/2021 

    Very interesting list and very similar to the mental gyrations I go through when trying to place a cache. I differ in that I really don't care much for muddy spots. Living where I do in the PNW I would definitely add in the mountains to that list. While water or water views are nice they are not an absolute requirement for me. I really enjoy off trail navigation or ridge running; some might call that bushwhacking but a lot of the ridge lines out here don't really require bushwhacking to navigate. 

    The longer the walk the better I like it. If it requires an overnight stop to complete the walk even better. 

    Three guys that put out the type of caches I love to hunt are Yukon Jack, Mountain Blaster, and The Tramp. I always get everything on my list when doing their caches. Two of them are semi retired from cache hiding and I've lost a step or two since Terracaching began. But I'll keep plugging away till I drop. 

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  • Z_Statman  Cocoa 5/31/2021 

    And as Bon Jovi's song goes "I'll live when I am alive cause I can sleep when I am dead!"

    Thanks to one of my sponsors for reminding us that (from Steve Jobs) "The journey is the reward!"

    Our altitude here in Florida is high at about 500' so when I had the chance to head out to the TC Anniversary held at Yukon Jack's ranch I jumped on the first available flight. An 8,000-10,000' vertical trek does make one feel accomplishment, and, so does a 2-3 mile hike in a swamp with water or muck knee-deep. The reward is the same.

    So, to Terradactyl 's comment, add your own alternative terrains, as most do mentally, to the very descriptive and informative list.

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