If only the CC code worked for LCs...

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Posted By: 2oldfarts
 I hear tell that if the CC Code for LC's worked, UNK1 has 2 new puzzle LC's just waiting to post. He told me that he wondered when the CC Code would be fixed.
I am guessing that he is thinking that he should maybe archive all the other puzzle LC's if those codes don't get fixed soon, if ever....

Any comments from the lovers of puzzle LC's? Or from those in the know about a date we could expect the codes to be up and working?



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  • cash108  Durango 7/31/2014 
    Researching your issue on CC codes on Locationless Caches.  Thank you for your post.
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  • UNK1  Location Unknown 7/31/2014 
    I was personally asked if LCs would need to have CC codes available and my answer was that I DO have LCs that require a CC code, so the answer is yes. This was back when work on the BETA site was just beginning.

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  • cash108  Durango 8/1/2014 
    Jack, the problem with the cc on LCs is a format transfer problem from the data set of TC1. The characters sometimes don't match after the transfer.  We believe this issue has been resolved, but I wanted to research and test some more.
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  • scottO  Montana City 8/3/2014 
    If, for any reason, you think there is a problem with the CC codes on YOUR caches, I can still look up what they were on the old site, and provide that list to you. That way, you can go back and re-confirm them.
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  • 2oldfarts  Tucson 8/9/2014 
    Thank you scottO, but we just went through all of UNK1's LC's and found all 9 that were puzzle LC's that required a CC Code to be changed. We have now updated them.

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