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Posted By: conradv
I asked this on one of the videos, but didn't hear back:

Will there be an option for smaller icons or a "list" for these similar to the old site, where you can see at a glance when they were found, set, etc...  Also that you can sort like the old site?


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  • ag08  Durango 5/22/2014 
    Hi conradv,

    I'm not sure how we missed that- I thought I had set up notifications, but I will make sure to go back and answer your question on the video as well. Our apologies! 

    Currently, the following information can be found on a Small Cache Box: 

    Owner, TTPS (or LTPS or CTPS), MCE, and Last Found Date. 

    You can sort on the cache hunt page, but the owned and found lists are currently only lists. However, this suggestion is exactly the type of thing that we are excited to begin working to add as we move forward. As we begin gathering feedback on these items, we will record them in "ideas" and work to incorporate them as updates to the site. 

    We are so excited to have the stability the new site provides, regaining the access to the maps, and the updated design and incorporation of many of the features requested by the community. I think the biggest thing that we want to emphasize as we begin the reviewing process with our existing members is that this is our starting off point. We are eager to gather feedback and make updates and changes to continue to improve the quality of the site. We are thrilled that we now have the capabilities to do so and we are excited for the direction that we are headed in as a community. 

    Thanks for your question, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions for improvements! 


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