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Posted By: cash108
I noticed when I submit a new traditional TerraCache that the categories in the drop down list really apply to Locationless and Cyber Caches.

I would suggest changing  it for Traditional Caches to the following:
  • Canyoneering
  • City / Urban
  • Coastal
  • Desert
  • Foothills
  • Lake / River
  • Mountain
  • Ocean
  • Swamp
  • Other
What other types of traditional categories would we apply? 

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  • Terradactyl  Spokane 10/27/2014 
    How about Scuba?  One of these days I'm gonna get around to placing a scuba cache.  I had several, all now archived, on another caching site.  Of course it could be placed in Ocean, Swamp, or Lake/River.  Just a thought.
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  • Terradactyl  Spokane 10/27/2014 
    How about Mountaineering since you have Canyoneering.  There's one up on Mt Shasta that requires Mountaineering skills also on Mt Baker and Mt Adams.  
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  • cash108  Durango 10/28/2014 
    Hi Jim,

    I was thinking more on the type versus the special equipment you might need.  So for Ocean, you would point out in the cache description that special equipment is necessary (scuba).   I can see your point about Mountaineering vs Mountain but perhaps that is being too technical and could also be covered in the special equipment section. It feels like Mountaineering could be one of its own type.

    I would love to know how you hid some using Scuba, I also like to do this but would worry that the container would not stand the test of time.
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  • Z_Statman  Cocoa 10/29/2014 
    Then if there is one for the "mountains" there also should be one for the "swamps!" (Which is in the list)

    Aren't we getting a way bit too specific in the names and, as Cash noted, it is the equipment/physical challenge that might differentiate. At the end it is simply a container or tab or ... Isn't it. The mental, physical, strategy, ... that is required. So I like the cache specifics to be more informative and segmented to denote the mental/physical challenge involved.

    Remember the TC slogan "For the love of the hunt!"

    My $.02
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  • Yukon Jack  Noxon 10/29/2014 
    I agree with Z_Statman about getting to specific in catagories.  What is a mountain in the Appalachians might be a foothill in the Rockies or the Sierra.  Swamps, coasts, mountains, deserts all have something in common and that is you have to work up a sweat to achieve them.  It seems to me that there are basically two types of traditional caches, physical and drive-by.  With physical you have to exert physical effort (and sometimes quite a lot to get them)  and with drive-bys you need to do a lot of map work and exploring by auto ( sometimes hard core 4WD) to get them.  Everything else is just a  refinement on the basics.

    P.S. In a few days I'll be heading back down South to do some more of both. 
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  • cash108  Durango 12/20/2014 
    It turns out that many people were using the locationless and cyber types for traditional caches. We took all of your comments and decided to test by adding the ones above, but converted Canyoneering to Canyon.  It looks like the Urban/City could have more specific categories so we left some of the locationless for these.  For virtual caches we are thinking of changing the selection to the same as locationless and cyber caches.

    I agree with YK, and the goal is to get people out for the love of the hunt, but roundtrip walking distance should take care of determining these type.  I love your caches down south, even the ones that are short steep hikes. 

    We are doing this, because we are working on a feature to map the caches by sub type.  It will be pretty cool.  
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